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Mist Eliminators & Vane Units

MTL specializes in the design and manufacturing of knitted wire mesh and
vane type “mist eliminators”. Regardless of the OEM,

Mist Eliminators and Demister Pads

We can manufacture most types of mist eliminators in a wide variety of metallurgy. From Carbon Steel to Hastelloy B-3, as well as most polymers and co- knit applications without sacrificing reliability or quality. Whether your needs call for a mist eliminator, coalescer or vane unit. MTL will be there for all your needs, when you need it now. We will provide you with the service and quality you expect and deserve.

Mist eliminators are primarily used in gas separation columns to remove liquids from the gas stream. As a gas stream with entrained liquid flows through the mist eliminator mesh, the liquid collects as droplets. This results in creating a drier gas downstream of the mist eliminator.

Our mist eliminators are engineered for optimal performance under specific applications. Turn to MTL for the experience and expertise to define the optimal demister or series of demisters for your application.

Mist Eliminator
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Alloy 20